Week has passed and I did exercise!

Hello again,

it has already been almost a week from my last update but I have been busy both working and yes, exercising. I have been jogging and hitting the gym and feel great for doing so (of course).

My jogging is getting easier again as I can jog further and faster even while maintaining pace. I try to run to a certain pace and that's where RunKeeper kicks in.

I have set two settings to RunKeeper for my runs. First one is to inform me every four minutes my time jogged, distance traveled and most importantly, my average pace for the whole jog. The second one informs me the same data when 1km is full.

So, where does the 4 minutes come from? I normally run at about 6,5 minutes / 1 km so I get the information I want in about half way down the first kilometer. Distance traveled in four minutes is also easy to compare to a Cooper's test time (that's 12 minutes) and thus, know is the pace improving. Of course, I'm not running all in as in Cooper's test with a pace to kill me but still I'm getting the important data on my improvements. The pace info helps me to know if I am running too fast (which would mean I would wear down pretty fast) or if I'm running too slow when I have to pick up the pace a little. Overall time of course helps me to plan for my route. I normally think of a basic route I would run when I start but adjust it accordingly during my jog.

And, when I see improvements in my data (for example, I run the exactly same route 5 minutes faster), I add distance to my route. This way I can always plan to run for 40 minutes but longer distances over time. Win-win situation to not lose too much time from your day but still get healthier and in better shape.

And what comes to my gym experiences? I have succesfully already done my thing with heavier weights. For example, I used to do my biceps 3x12x12kg or something similar (that's three sets of 12 reps each hand with 12kg weights on both hands). Now I'm already easily doing the same reps with 14kg weights. And I'm not even hitting the gym that hard. A little more excersing does the trick and those rest days are helping for sure!

Until next time!

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