First day to this blog. Not to my struggle.

Hello World.

I am AJK, I'm from Finland and 28 eight years old. This is my way to get boost for my goal which is to loose weight, eat right, exercise and train my mind and body - like pretty much everybody in the world through Europe, America and Asia. Everybody would like to be slimmer, stay slimmer or otherwise just be healthy. The latter is mainly my goal and I am going to achieve it - again.

About four years ago I was at my current lifes peak - I'm 189 cm tall so when I was 87 kilograms it was pretty perfect for me. A year and a half ago I was 129 kg. That's  48 per cent more than four years ago or simply put: 42 kilos more for me to carry around. That was when I started to do something about it. Now I weigh about 110 kg and you can see the difference already. I can jog better, train better, feel better.

This still isn't good enough, I still feel unadequate for my girlfriend - we actually started dating four years ago so I can blame her too, can't I? Well, no. It was me who got stuck on the couch and didn't do enough to maintain my health and fitness at the time. I did however suffer from torn achilles tendon three years ago and a year ago I popped my right knee forward - that's the wrong way, a knee should not go in that direction. Enough said, my football career is over from plain fear of breaking the knee again. I was lucky to get away with minor injury but it still took three months until the knee was strong enough to go jogging again.

But back to the point. I am going to be thirty the year after the next one and I would like to be in the actual peak fitness ever by that time. This means I will have to start train now, lose weight the right way so I can start to build more muscles. Don't get me wrong, I am a big guy and for some reason people think I don't weigh over a hundred kilos - but I do. I don't want to but I do.

So, this is also where this blog comes into the picture. I have been jogging, hitting the gym, trying to eat right but I still need something to keep me more motivated. I have been using these different services online, like Runkeeper for my jogs (I'm an engineer, I like my gadgets) and Fitocracy for gym activities. It is fun to have these unknown people cheering you and I like to get something in return right away. This means with Runkeeper I get instant GPS data, mapping, logging and comparing to satisfy the engineer in me and with Fitocracy I get to play a game at the same time. Fitocracy is basicly a free role playing game where you level up as you track your gym activities and it even inspires you to push harder.

I hope some of you will find this blog inspiring and I absolutely hope the wide internet will bring some, atleast one person per post to cheer, ask questions and push me forward to a better health, better fitness and happiness in me. I like being who I am but I can be better.

Check back soon, I'm going to ditch the bad things from my life too - this means no candy, less alcohol but better food in the end.

I also went for a jog during which I got the inspiration to start this blog. Feel free to check it out if you also use Runkeeper and like the statistics of it. Leave your comments on this post though! If you cheer me, I'll cheer you.



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