Gym rat

Despite of the title of this blog, I hit the gym for the first time in ages. Well, not really, it has been only a couple of weeks but felt like it had been couple of months. Afterwards it feels great as it always does (I went, I did even though didn't feel like it earlier) and now at least muscles are scared when are we going to it again.

Truth is I have planned to go again the day after tomorrow and maybe tomorrow I will do a light jog. Friday will be day for rest and depending my schedules either Saturday or Sunday gets to be dedicated for resting.

One has to remember to rest despite how badly you would like to train. Rest is actually very beneficial for your body, you know this already cause most likely you sleep and feel more powerful when you wake up. After a days rest (no, not sleeping, just not exercising) when you go for a jog or hit the gym you will notice an improvement in your stamina and the overall feeling. It also helps your muscles to adjust and come back from the stress exercising is causing. This helps to build more muscle and tone yourself.

And as I told you, I am using Fitocracy to log my gym activities and gained a level again. I'm now level 7, search for wakio (my username) in Fitocracy and leave me a comment you came from here, I'll follow you too!

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