Geocaching and walking

Today was dedicated to a slightly different exercise - geocaching. Me and my girlfriend decided we had to get out of the house and decided to head to this island just by Turku. This island is called Ruissalo and it is a nature conservation area. At this time of the year the autumn is under way and with the trees and leaves there, it is simply beautiful with all the colors.

The main point though was to get some geocaches gathered and we managed to find 5 of them in this 4,5 km walk. Or maybe it could be said to be a hike instead. We traveled through some woods too so... The caches were hidden in different ways and some of them in very intuitive ways. One was even in a dummy power socket on a light pole.

Here's the manual entry to RunKeeper, time is approximate but pretty close in the end to the real time. Weather was nice and we had a good time.


Tomorrow I'll hit the gym or go jogging, we'll see tomorrow. Good night for now!

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